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ICC Note:

Government officials have repeatedly harassed a Christian leader in China’s southern Guangdong province. On July 16th, they lured her into the police station for questioning. Furthermore, the next day, they went to her home and demanded that her landlord let them in. The landlord complied, and the officials stole several items. Just weeks prior to this incident, officials raided the church leader’s church services, demanding them to stop the service, and then officers confiscated religious materials.

07/31/2017 China (China Aid) – Police officers in China’s southern Guangdong province interrogated a Christian leader and raided her home after issuing repeated warnings to her church.

Tang Lili, a leader of Renyi Church, received a summons to the local police station to “drink tea,” an excuse Chinese police often use to lure someone in for questioning. They interrogated her on July 16, and, the next day, visited her landlord and demanded entrance to her home. The landlord let them in, and they took several unspecified items.

Several weeks prior, officials ordered a stop to the church’s services and recently raided it, confiscating some religious materials.


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