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ICC Note 

Sudan has a long and intolerant history towards Christians within their country. They have committed atrocities, taken away freedoms, and caused general strife for all Christians within their borders for many years. They have once again instituted a law making it so that Christian schools must follow the Muslim calendar for school days. This means that they will have to have school Sunday-Thursday, with their weekend being Friday and Saturday. This is wholly against the Christians beliefs and will make life even harder for them. This is in clear violation of Religious freedom laws and rights of all people.


2017-07-29 Sudan (AllAfrica)- Sudan’s Ministry of Education has reportedly issued an order to church schools in Sudan to observe the weekend on Friday and Saturday, and operate schools on Sunday.

According to the public relations officer for the Coptic Church in Sudan, the authorities demolished the Catholic school of Angola one week before the start of the study, displacing more than 500 students who are still looking for an alternative school.

The church complains that Sunday has been the free day for church schools since their founding in the country.



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