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ICC Note:

The evacuation centers for Marawi evacuees held a 5-day sports activity for the children to participate in, and some have expressed that they want to be a part of the ISIS militant group when they grow up. They idolize ISIS and look at them as their heroes. These children do not understand the conflict in Marawi and will be properly debriefed on the situation. After the activities, some children even confessed they thought they could not trust Christians.

07/29/2017 The Philippines (The Rappler) – That some children from Marawi look up to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) members as heroes shows how little they know about the group and its harmful intentions to Muslim communities, said the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Its spokesman, Brigadier General Restituto Padilla, underscored the need for these children to undergo debriefing by the right organizations to help them understand the Marawi conflict.

“Because they don’t understand what is happening around them so it is only right for organizations to explain to them to enlighten their young minds,” said Padilla in Filipino on Friday, July 28, during a Palace news briefing.

In the first two or 3 weeks of the conflict which began on May 23, the military had observed that some Marawi youth aspire to join Muslim extremists groups.


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