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It has been reported that an Iraqi army major confessed that after Mosul was declared liberated the army was given the command to shoot anything that moved, ISIS, men, women and children. In gruesome detail, the Major explained how Iraqi forces tortured suspected ISIS operatives. The same lawlessness and cruelty that was characteristic of ISIS has become the mode of operating for Iraqi forces, many of whom seek vengeance for the loss of family members to ISIS’ reign of terror. For individuals who have survived this catastrophe, they desperately look through the pulverized city to find the bodies of loved ones. They long for the peace that knowing whether their loved ones are alive or dead would bring. Was Mosul liberated or has it become a wasteland of rotting corpses and desperate killings for vengeance?  

07/28/2017 Iraq (Daily Mail) – An Iraqi major has told of the brutal orders he was given as ISIS were flushed out of Mosul – to kill everyone.

Terrorists, soldiers, civilians and children are all among the hundreds of corpses piled up beneath the rubble in the annihilated northern city.

After the liberation, the army officer said he and his comrades were told by their superiors ‘to kill anything or anyone that moved’, which included Mosul’s desperate citizens who have lived through the terror of ISIS’ reign.

He said it was the wrong call because the remaining terrorists had surrendered, but the strict orders were obeyed and the now lawless city’s devastation continues.

Talking to Middle East Eye, the major – who spoke on condition of anonymity – said: ‘There are many civilians among the bodies.

‘After liberation was announced, the order was given to kill anything or anyone that moved.’

Shockingly, he said the actions of the allied forces in recent days mirrors that of ISIS in the city over the past months with even public executions being witnessed near the River Tigris.


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