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Militants from the Pakistani Taliban killed at least 26 people, including nine police officers, in a suicide bombing in Lahore last Monday. The attacks is officially being cited as an attack on Pakistan police and security forces, but one Christian expert says that Pakistan’s vulnerable Christian population was likely also a secondary target. Attacks on Christians and their places of worship in Pakistan is not uncommon. Church bombings and attacks on Christian gatherings are easily found in the country’s recent history.  

07/27/2017 Pakistan (Mission Network News) – A Taliban suicide bomber in Pakistan killed at least 26 people, including nine police officers in the city of Lahore on Monday.

The attacker was part of a new Taliban faction known as the Taliban Special Group (TSG), which consists of well-trained suicide bombers. Reports say the attacker was targeting law enforcement, but FMI’s Bruce Allen says that’s not the whole story.

“What the mainstream media is not reporting is that this is the second-largest Christian colony in Pakistan where this blast occurred,” Allen says. “And while this Taliban Special Group claimed that it was targeting police, the fuller story is that they’re targeting police, or security, in Christian colonies.”

Allen says the most recent incident happened less than two miles from a gathering center for FMI-supported pastors,

“The incident took place about a mile-and-a-half from where FMI pastors in Pakistan meet on a monthly basis, where they receive their monthly financial support, where they get together for sharing prayer requests and have some ongoing training centers and things like that,” Allen says. “And they’re concerned because that’s the main and only road to get to the place where they need to monthly, and so they’re concerned about what happens for their next meeting and what sort of security would be available for them.”

Pakistan has faced numerous attacks over the past few months, including three separate bombings in late June that killed 83 civilians. Allen says the continual violence is taking a toll on believers.

“It just puts the Christians at this heightened state of alert, and they have been for some time,” Allen says. “We recall last Easter, a time of great celebration, and there’s an attack against Christians in the parks. And that’s what they live with constantly.”

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