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Earlier this week in Laos, a young man in his 20’s was beaten almost to death by his brother and uncle. Cheu grew up in a Buddhist household but recently gave his life to Christ. When his family heard of this, they were furious. Cheu’s brother and uncle took him to his uncle’s house, tied him up, and beat him until he renounced his new faith. After hours of beatings, Cheu lied and told them he would return to his old faith. The following morning, he met with his wife and fled the city.

07/27/2017 Laos (The Christian Post) – A young Christian man in the Buddhist-majority nation of Laos said he was severely beaten by members of his own family because of his decision to choose to follow Jesus Christ.

Open Doors USA shared on Monday the story of Cheu, a 20-something who had to escape the “tyranny” brought by his own family because of his conversion to Christianity.

“One day, my brother and uncle came to me and lied to me. They invited me to go to their house which I agreed to without hesitation. Little did I know that when we arrived at my uncle’s house, they would beat me and tie me up with a rope. They told me that I need to return to my old faith, they would continue to beat me,” Cheu shared.

“They bound me with a rope with my hands behind my back. My brother, an average-sized man but with a solid build, used the side of his palms to hit my neck and face over and over again. I was tied from seven in the morning until seven at nigh.”

The young man explained that his uncle and brother warned him that they will hit him until he is dead unless he renounced his Christian faith.


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