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Since President Sisi came to power, Egypt has been rife with terror attacks emanating from the Sinai province that have targeted Coptic Christians. President Sisi has fought unsuccessfully to combat terrorism in the Sinai. Now he has created a national council to combat terrorism and extremism. He hopes the council will be able to develop job opportunities in one of Egypt’s poorest communities so that the youth aren’t continually pushed to extremism because of poverty. Hopefully this council can find creative solutions to end terrorism against the Egyptian people.        

07/27/2017 Egypt (News 24) – Egypt has created a “national council” to combat the rise of Islamist “terrorism” which has targeted its security forces and Coptic Christian minority, in a presidential decree issued on Wednesday.

The decree, published in Egypt’s official gazette, sets up a “national council to combat terrorism and extremism” by adopting a “global national strategy”.

The council is to be chaired by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and will comprise the sheikh of Al-Azhar, the highest Sunni religious authority in Egypt, and its Coptic pope, as well as the parliament speaker, premier and cabinet members, including the youth and sports minister.

A primary task of the high-powered panel will be to develop “job opportunities in the regions hit by extremism”, to examine the prospects for industrial zones and of amendments to existing legislation.

Egypt has been fighting an insurgency waged by the Islamic State jihadist group based in North Sinai province, where hundreds of soldiers and policemen have been killed since the military’s ouster in 2013 of Sisi’s Islamist predecessor Mohammed Morsi.

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