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19-year-old Tharwat Sameh was found dead in the desert, his body showing signs of extensive torture, several days ago. He was arrested on Saturday and disappeared shortly after his arrest. People believe that he was tortured by the Egyptian police although no reason for his arrest has been released. This incident occurred one week after a Coptic Christian died in custody. People are growing more afraid of not only extremist militants but also of police who appear more intent on protecting themselves than protecting citizens.      

07/26/2017 Egypt (Middle East Eye) – Images of the body of an Egyptian man found two days after he was arrested marked by what appears to be evidence of torture emerged on social media on Tuesday.

Tharwat Sameh, 19, is alleged to have disappeared following his arrest on Saturday. His body was found on the street in al-Fayyum, 60 kilometres south of Cairo, on Monday.

His friends identified him after images were circulated online, which led to the hashtag Tharwat_Sameh appearing on social media.

It is not known what happened to the body after its discovery.


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