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Earlier this month, Javed Masih, a poor Christian, died after being beaten by his Muslim employer. According to Asia News, Masih was working for the employer to work off a debt his family contracted. In many cases, this form of debt repayment in Pakistan turns into servitude. After being accused of stealing a motorbike, Masih was severely beaten by his employer and was later pronounced dead at the hospital the next day. Will Masih’s family receive justice for this brutal crime? 

07/25/2017 Pakistan (Asia News) – A 32-year-old Christian died as a result of injuries inflicted by his Muslim employer. The man’s name was Javed Masih and he lived in Kamalpur, on Sargodha Road, in Faisalabad District. He worked for Bilal Wahla to pay a debt of 350,000 rupees contracted by his family.

Officially, he would have to sweep for the Muslim, take care of the animals, milk the cows, and distribute the milk. In reality Javed was treated like a slave. Accused of stealing a motorcycle, the Christian was repeatedly beaten with sticks and other objects. Later, he was taken to the hospital and died.

Speaking to Asia News, Imran Masih, Javed’s older brother, denounced what happened, “We want justice. We are poor and therefore the police refuse to listen to us and record the complaint. Large landowners are threatening serious consequences because we have opposed any compromise. All this is because we are Christians and poor.”

Javed Masih was one of six children of Irshad Masih and Naseem Bibi. In 2014, his parents contracted a debt with the Muslim owner. Upon his father’s death, the deal was signed with the wealthy landowner Wahla and Javed worked for the Muslim in return for 7,000 rupees being deleted from the debt every month. Under the agreement, Javed was required to only work 24 hours a month. But in reality he was enslaved.

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