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In 2007, a German missionary and two converts were killed in a Turkish publishing house for their faith. It took several years, but a Turkish court administered life sentences to five perpetrators in 2016. Unfortuantely, reports suggest that the courts may try to reverse those sentences due to “legal inconsistencies.” Turkish Christians call for prayer that justice will be upheld.                                                        

07/24/2017 Turkey (BosNews Life) – Christians in Turkey say they need prayers as a court is reviewing sentences handed down last year over the killing of three Christian missionaries in eastern Turkey in April 2007

German missionary Tilmann Geske and Turkish converts Necati Aydin and Ugur Yuksel were repeatedly stabbed and had their throats cut when they were attacked at a Christian “Zirve Publishing House” in Malatya.

Last week a court in the western city of Gaziantep upheld life sentences given in September 2016 to five perpetrators linked to the murders but it also expressed doubts over other verdicts in the case, trial observers said.



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