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As the United States decides whether or not to lift sanctions on Sudan, a new report has been published by a Sudanese Think Tank. This 70 page report details how the government in Khartoum is hiding the worst of the violence and degradation that it is supporting and committing. This is all in an attempt to get the sanctions lifted, which the group says would mostly help the ruling class, its rich supporters, and its security institutions. These security institutions would be its military and secret police which conducts much of the murder and genocide of its own people. The Think Tank says that if the Sanctions are lifted, there will have to be increased oversight on all financials the Regime has.


07/24/2017 Sudan (AllAfrica) – According to a new report by the Sudan Democracy First Group (SDFG) the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) and its international supporters are working hard “to obscure the violence and political unrest which continue to convulse Sudan, and are accelerating the economic, social and cultural deprivation of its people”.

In the English version of SDFG’s latest report, Manufacturing the Illusion of Stability in Sudan, the Kampala-based think tank deals with “the dynamics behind, and impact of, the campaign orchestrated by the NCP and its international supporters.

The 70-page report “exposes the external and internal partners of the regime who have participated in projecting an illusion of regime functionality at the expense of a genuine resolution of Sudan’s multiple crises,” the SDFG says in a press release today.

It also challenges the political opposition to engage in deeper consultation with Sudanese citizens and develop “a genuine grassroots movement for change”.

The Group warns that if the United States economic sanctions on Sudan will be lifted after three months, increased oversight of Sudanese financial flows will be vital.

“The biggest beneficiary of any lifting of sanctions will be the ruling party, its security institutions, and its private companies,” the report reads. “Mechanisms must be established to prevent increased weapons flows, support for militias and expansion of the architecture of state corruption.”





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