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During the course of this year, Boko Haram has caused many problem and conducted a number of attacks. One such attack took the life of a young man named, Ambore Gideon Todi. Ambore was a student at Maiduguri University and was a part of the Evangelical student group. While he was staying at the student ministry’s tent, the attack happened. The bombs went off and Ambore’s life was taken. The most disturbing thing is that the University and authorities hid the death of Ambore and others until they were questioned by friends and family. It took 9 days for the authorities to admit that people were hurt in the attack, because they didn’t want to admit anyone had been hurt.


2017-07-22 Nigeria (MorningStarNews)- Among several Boko Haram bombings that have put northeastern Nigeria on edge this year was a suicide attack on Christian student organization quarters that killed a Christian student, sources said.

Ambore Gideon Todi, a 21-year-old student at the University of Maiduguri in Borno state, was staying in the Evangelical Church Winning All’s student ministry tent when Boko Haram suicide bombers detonated explosives in mid-May, according to leaders of the school chapter of the student ministry.

Joseph Kamida Cham, a Christian leader from Todi’s native Gombe state, told Morning Star News that a friend of Todi’s also staying in the Christian student quarters had decided to travel just prior to the bombing.

“When Ambore’s friend returned from his trip and could not find him during the student ministry fellowship, that made him to start asking questions,” Cham said. “It was later disclosed that Ambore was mistaken for one of the suicide bombers that died.”



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