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Al-Shabaab claimed the lives of two more people in Lamu County, Kenya. This comes less than a week after the President of Kenya laid plans to attack the terrorist group in Boni Forest, the area that the militants use as a hideout. Al-Shabaab has killed more than 25 people in the last month alone. The most attacked areas are on the border with Somalia. These areas hold many jobs for migrant workers from different parts of Kenya, which means that these attacks not only affect the local populace, but the country as a whole. We pray for the families of the deceased, that they would find peace and comfort.


07/21/2017 Kenya(TheStandard) – Gunmen believed to be Al-Shabaab militia raided a village in Kiunga, Lamu County and killed two people before escaping. Witnesses and police said the victims were shot dead at close range in the attack in Mararani area on Wednesday dawn. A combined team of security agents was sent to the area to pursue the killers. The victims were on foot in the area when they were attacked.

“A team of security agents was dispatched there to pursue the killers and they are yet to communicate,” said an officer operating there.

The incident came three days after President Kenyatta had ordered an operation on the militants. “We shall finish them. When we get them, we will not jail but bury them,” he said of the terrorists who have turned Boni Forest into a playground, attacking and killing locals before retreating there. Speaking in Mpeketoni, the president told those living in areas prone to the attacks to vacate and give way for ongoing operation there.

He also asked locals in Lamu County to cooperate with security officers and give information that will help get the attackers. The attacks have affected tourism, local economy and movement. A number of schools have also closed down because of the incidents. Given elections are scheduled for next month, it is still unclear if the locals will be able to vote.




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