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ISIS carried out unthinkable atrocities in cities like Mosul, like the purchasing and selling of women as sex slaves. A receipt recently surfaced of the sale of a 20 year old woman for $1,500. This receipt along with the sex slave pricing list document that was found in 2014 gives insight into the dirty business that ISIS engaged in. Many of the women forced into sex slavery were Yazidi women. The few women who escaped detail the horrors they went through, horrors they describe as worse than death.   

07/20/2017 Iraq (Christian Today) – A receipt for an Islamic State jihadi’s purchase of a 20-year-old woman from another man has been circulating online and provides insight into how the terrorists sold women and girls in the now liberated city of Mosul.

U.K. news outlets have reported that a “bill of sale” for a young sex slave who was sold for approximately $1,500 has been discovered in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city that was formerly the jihadi death cult’s largest stronghold in the country before the city was liberated by coalition forces earlier this month.

The document, which has been shared on social media, purports to be a purchase agreement between two men named Abu Zubair and Abu Monem.

The document was signed with inked fingerprints. According to The Daily Mail, the “bill of sale” written in Arabic describes the woman by her physical features: “20 years old, physically fit with brown eyes.”

The Sun notes that Zubair was the man who sold the woman, while Monem was the one that purchased her. The identity of the woman who was sold is not known.

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