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Pastor Sultan Masih, from Ludhiana in northern India, was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting outside his church on Saturday. The brutal attack was caught on CCTV cameras. Following the murder, local Christians have been demonstrating, calling on the local government to apprehend the people behind the killing. This incident comes at a time when attacks on Christians and their places of worship are dramatically increasing. Many claim that radical Hindu nationalist groups, who have yet to be confronted by the government, are behind the attacks. Unless the government acts soon, more deadly attacks will likely be endured by India’s Christian community. 

07/17/2017 India (Christian Today) – A pastor was murdered outside his church in Ludhiana, northern India on Saturday in a brutal attack captured on CCTV.

Pastor Sultan Masih was on his phone outside his church when he was gunned down by two men on a motorcycle. He is believed to have been hit by three bullets.

Christians organized a demonstration on Sunday in protest at the killing, blocking traffic on a major bypass road. The family has said Masih’s funeral will not take place until the killers have been apprehended, according to the Hindustan Times.

The chief minister of Chandigarh State announced an ex gratia payment to Masih’s widow Sarabjit and said their son would be given a job in the police force.

The killing has stoked fears among Christians in the Punjab region concerned about a rise in intercommunal tensions. The Moderator of the Church of North India, PK Samntaroy, told the Times of India on Sunday: ‘The killing of innocent people is certainly not a good sign for the hard-earned peace of Punjab.’ He said the government should act fast to win the confidence of the Christian community.

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