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ICC Note:

In Zanzibar, 3 Christians were arrested in mid-June while cooking because it was Ramadan. Zanzibar is a small island off the coast of Mainland Tanzania. Tanzania is a majority Christian country, with a constitution claiming no preference to any religion. It calls for religious freedom for all in the country. Zanzibar, however, is 99% Muslim in its population, and though a part of Tanzania, follows its own rules. Police Officers arrested these three Christians during the day because they were cooking food and eating during Ramadan, a Muslim fasting ritual. This shows a clear and unjust persecution of the Christians living in Zanzibar.

07/17/2017 Tanzania (ChristianTimes) – Three Christians were reportedly arrested in their home in Tanzania last month for cooking food during the Muslim Ramadan fast.

According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), Tanzanian police entered a private home in Zanzibar on June 16 and arrested Emmanuel Yohana, his wife Katherine Emmanuel and a woman identified only as Khadija.

The two women were reportedly frying fish in the kitchen when the authorities, led by the area district commissioner, forcefully entered the property of the couple.

The three Christians were told that they had violated the law by cooking food during Ramadan. One police officer reportedly abused them verbally and said, “Today you will know how to fast.”


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