Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:

Despite the Egyptian government’s attempt to flex its muscles by bombing militants in Libya, Coptic Christians still feel as if the government does not protect them. Coptic Christians supported President Sisi when he came to power because he said he would defend the rights of all Egyptians even religious minorities. However, Coptic Christians continue to be killed by Islamic extremists. Coptic Christians are tired of being martyrs for the state though their faith remains strong.    

07/15/2017 Egypt (AINA) –The streams of blood from defenseless Copts massacred by Islamist extremists continue to drench Egypt–with no end in sight.

Three more Coptic were found dead in a span of eight days from the last week of June to the first week of July, with a fourth victim killed in late May, World Watch Monitor reported.

Even as the Coptic Orthodox Church held another memorial service on July 3 commemorating 40 days since the bus attack in Minya that killed 29 Copts on Ascension Day, hopes for an end to the sectarian killings remain dim.

Although the Coptic community has remained steadfast in their faith and has bravely faced the danger of living in a country where they faced intense persecution, some have expressed exasperation at the inability of the Egyptian government to protect them, adding that they have grown tired of being “martyrs” for their homeland.

The Egyptian government tried to flex its muscle and show the world that it does not condone extremist violence when it launched airstrikes recently on supposed militant-affiliated camps in Libya, which Egyptian authorities said had been involved in planning and executing attacks on Copts.

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