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7 School teachers were arrested in Somalia, for meeting with Al-Shabaab militants and agreeing to change their curricula to favor the Islamic militant’s ideals. This is a very dangerous and disturbing incident, as each of the teachers is said to be in charge of up to 1,000 young students. This would have been a disaster and could have turned into a training camp for young Islamist extremists. Thankfully, these teachers have been taken into custody and are awaiting a trial, before they had the opportunity to change the curricula.


07/14/2017 Somalia (BBC) – Somali authorities have arrested seven head teachers who they accuse of meeting al-Shabab militants.

They are said to have discussed changing the curriculum at private schools to favour the Islamist group’s ideology.

Each of the principals is responsible for around 1,000 students, ranging in ages from seven to 15.

Al-Shabab has been waging a war against Somalia’s federal government for the last 10 years.




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