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ICC Note:

Late last week, police interrupted a Bible study in a private residence of church member Xu Youghai and demanded to see the identification cards of the 10 Christians gathered there. Unfortunately, none of the Christians was carrying their identification cards, so Xu and the police stood at a disagreement for about 10 minutes. When negotiations failed, Xu called the national security’s office and stated that their meetings were open to the public and that the police knew about them, therefore, there was no need to create any trouble. The police did leave, although, this is not the first instance that the police have attempted to stir up trouble with Holy Love Fellowship.

07/13/2017 China (China Aid)  – Police interrupted a Bible study in Beijing on Friday and demanded to see the identification cards of those gathered there.

Officers from the Deshengmenwai Police Station arrived at the home of Holy Love Fellowship church member Xu Yonghai, who was hosting a Bible study. They ordered the 10 Christians gathered there to present their identification cards, which they were not carrying. Xu negotiated with them, asking why they had come to a private residence to request identification.

“We were very unhappy about (the intrusion),” Xu said. “We were in a stalemate for 10 minutes.”

When the negotiations failed to reach a conclusion, Xu called the national security’s office. “I said that all our gatherings are open to the public, and that the members are regulars; even the police are quite familiar with us. I said that since we only had a few people, there was no need to check our documents. It was unnecessary to generate trouble.”

Once national security officials interfered, the police left.

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