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According to FMI’s Bruce Allen, Bangladesh is in need of more church planters despite the persecution faced by those that convert to Christianity. Bangladesh is the third largest Muslim majority country in the world and is home to a very small Christian community. According to Allen, many people in Bangladesh are open to discussing the Gospel. Many are willing to convert to Christianity despite the persecution that often follows. Do these facts make Bangladesh an idea place to bring the Gospel into the Muslim world? 

07/13/2017 Bangladesh (Mission Network News) – Recently FMI’s Bruce Allen was in Bangladesh conducting field visits with FMI-supported church planters. And though what Allen discovered was somber, it was also encouraging.

Geographically, Bangladesh is not a very large country. However, it is the eighth most populous country on the planet. It is also the third largest Muslim dominate nation. And believe it or not, the Bengali people tend to be very open to deep conversations.

For example, one day when Allen was on a walk with FMI’s national director, the two men encountered some local teenagers. One of these teenagers requested for Allen to come and meet his family. Later, over a cup of tea and a biscuit, Allen was able to share the Gospel with the hospitable family.

“So it’s, I’ll say, easy to share the Gospel, but it is not without risks. Some of the folks that I have been meeting with, especially those who have become Christians out of Muslim backgrounds, they have been attacked by members of their communities and by members of their own family who’ve tried to kill them,” Allen explains.

“But they’re saying, ‘We’ve counted the costs to follow Jesus. I’ve survived a machete attack. And yet, I want to share the Gospel. In fact, I don’t want to only share the Gospel, I think God is calling me to be a church planter.’”

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