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Government officials forcibly took 49 acres of land owned by 80 families in Yangjiazhunag village in China. Officials used bulldozers to claim the land owned by residents to build a highway. The majority of these residents are Christians. Furthermore, construction workers beat a church member when he tried to protest on the construction site, leaving him hospitalized. The villagers demanded officials to return their land, but the government has only offered to give the resident 800 yuan ($118 USD) for every sixteenth acre annually for the next 30 years.

07/12/2017 China  (China Aid)  – Government officials in China’s eastern Shandong province forcibly confiscated 49 acres of land owned by 80 families, causing public outcry, ChinaAid recently learned.

A local Christian woman identified only by her surname, Yang, said the government dispatched a large group of demolition workers in June 2016 and used bulldozers to claim 90 percent of land owned by residents in Yangjiazhuang Village in order to build a highway, totaling 49 acres. Many of those taken from were Christians.

One church member, Yang Jiuhao, lost more than half an acre of his property and more than 200 apple trees.

Outraged, the villagers, including some Christians, traveled to Beijing several times to petition higher authorities, but their requests were ignored. The government in their local village hired gangsters to follow them everywhere they went, including into their fields and to the court.

As the construction of the highway continued, the conflict continued to escalate. Recently, the construction workers brutally beat a church member who went to protest the construction and required hospitalization, and the gangsters constantly target the villagers, smashing glass and doors.

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