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ICC Note:

Boko Haram released a new video of a public execution of 8 men. They called these men apostates, meaning they had left the Islamic Faith. The crime of leaving Islam, only has one punishment in Boko Haram’s view, Death.  They carried out these executions and many other punishments in a video in order to prove that they still hold sway in parts of Northeastern Nigeria. This is terrible news for all living in those areas, but especially for Christians, whom Boko Haram says they will wipe out completely.   

07/12/2017 Nigeria (i24 News) – Kano – Boko Haram have publicly executed eight villagers in northeast Nigeria who opposed the enforcement of its hardline form of Islam, according to a graphic video seen by AFP.

The eight were blindfolded and lying face down on the ground when they were shot at close range by four masked gunmen. Crowds were seen cheering, the images showed.

One man wearing a white turban told the crowd before the execution that the condemned villagers were “apostates (who) have left the fold of Islam”.

“These people are not different from vigilantes fighting us, spies and Nigerian soldiers,” said the unidentified man in Hausa, which is widely spoken in northern Nigeria and the Lake Chad area.

He said the eight had defied Boko Haram’s “Sharia police” – members who ensure the group’s strict interpretation of Islamic law is enforced – and threatened to fight them.

The man warned that anyone else defying the jihadists would suffer a similar fate.


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