Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: Christians are one of the largest minorities in Pakistan, who experience persecution. Therefore, Christians have to be very vigilant about their worship services and group gatherings. Unfortunately, Christians are considered second class citizens by the radical Islamic groups and that has become a major threat for them in that society.

07/10/2017 Pakistan (BBC) – When Irfan Masih was sent with two colleagues to clear a sewer that had been blocked for four months on Chhor road in Umarkot town, he could not have foreseen that his life was about to end.

His cousin Pervez, a sanitary worker like Irfan, said he was heading to work on 1 June when he heard about the incident.

“I rushed straight to the spot where some people were gathered. They had already pulled out Shaukat Masih, who was unconscious. I helped bring out Yaqoob and Irfan.”

Shaukat Masih had been sent down to rescue the two. Irfan was deepest down the sewer well.

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