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Several years ago a bomb ripped through Pastor Joseph’s car on his way to church in Baghdad, the car exploded into flames but Pastor Joseph managed to escape unscathed. That day he realized that God had given him additional time. Seven years later ISIS launched their terror campaign in Iraq and Syria. Seeing the brutality of ISIS caused disenchantment among Muslims prodding many to turn to Christ instead. Pastor Joseph saw clearly why God had kept him alive, he was to minister to the new converts in Baghdad. The Iraqi Prime Minister al-Abadi has declared that ISIS caliphate is no more in Iraq now that Mosul is liberated, Pastor Joseph can now help his country rebuild.  

07/06/2017 Iraq (Christian Post) – This pastor from Baghdad now knows why he’s still alive after a bomb explosion ripped through the car he was driving on his way to church.

Pastor Joseph still vividly remembers that horrific incident that happened several years ago when he thought he was about to die as flames engulfed the vehicle he was driving, trapping him inside, following the explosion.

According to Open Doors USA, despite the flames that surrounded him, Joseph was still able to get out of the wrecked car in the nick of time before it was completely consumed by the fire.

Miraculously, he survived unscathed—not even a scratch on his body.

“Each part of my car was destroyed and damaged—except for my seat,” the young pastor said.

He said he had pieces of glass in his hair and some parts of the bomb in the scarf around his neck—”as if a scarf could stop a bomb.”

Joseph could not believe that he could survive such a devastating explosion with not even a drop of blood lost.


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