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South Sudan gained their independence from their Northern counterpart in 2011. Since then a brutal civil war has broken out between the president and one his old deputies. This civil war has now raged for over three years and has cost countless lives. The majority Christian nation was looking for peace when it split from predominately Muslim Sudan, but this has not been the case. Children have been majorly affected by this ongoing violence as they lose their parents, homes and lives. They have been sent scrambling to anywhere else that might seem safe.


07/05/2017 South Sudan (SundayTimes)- Her feet bare and her home town in flames, Nyadet walked east alone, eating food given to her by strangers and following trails left by others escaping war in South Sudan.

She is 12 years old.

Nine days after she fled bloodshed in the flashpoint town of Malakal last November, Nyadet reached the country’s border with Ethiopia, and crossed over to safety.

“Maybe they are safe,” is all she can say of her mother, father, sister and two brothers, whom she lost track of when the streets of her home town were transformed into a war zone.

South Sudan’s civil war has raged on for the past three years with such viciousness that parts of the country are bereft of food and a third of the population has fled their homes, but few refugees present as vexing a problem as children like Nyadet who escape the conflict alone.

“They are fleeing definitely life-threatening situations,” said Daniel Abate of aid group Save the Children, which helps reunite lost children with their families. At the Nguenyyiel refugee camp near Ethiopia’s western frontier, boys and girls who crossed the border unaccompanied tell tales of murdered families and childhoods shattered by the unremitting violence in South Sudan.



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