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The Philippine Supreme Court upheld President Rodrigo Duterte’s imposition of martial law as constitutional. President Duterte is trying to retake Marawi from the radical Muslim Maute group. Fighting has continued since May with hundreds killed and thousands displaced. Christians are worried about radical Muslim militants gaining strongholds in the Philippines.  

7/4/2017 Philippines (CNBC) – The Philippine Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld as constitutional President Rodrigo Duterte’s imposition of 60 days of military rule on a southern island, a ruling that would reinforce unity in the fight against militancy, his spokesman said.

Duterte placed the southern island of Mindanao under military rule on May 23, hours after hundreds of pro-Islamic State militants seized control of the predominantly Muslim town of Marawi, which is on the island.

Eleven members of the 15-member court bench ruled the president’s order valid. Three agreed with it but wanted to limit the area of martial law and one judge opposed it, said court spokesman Theodore Te. He did not elaborate.

Six weeks after the imposition of martial law on the island, government forces are still battling the rebels in the town.

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