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Eritrea has increased its crackdown on Christianity with increased raids. The Eritrean government has started going door to door to round up all suspected Christians. They have long been human’s rights abusers and have had one of the worst religious freedom records in the world. When they round these individuals up, they throw them in shipping container prisons which can reach temperatures as high as 120 degrees. They have also had many people incarcerated without charges for as long as 24 years. Eritrea is truly one of the most horrific places for Christians today.

07/04/2017 Eritrea (ChristianRhythym)- Eritrea has now arrested 200 Christians in house-to-house raids, in a tough new crackdown which is tearing children from their parents. Young children and a baby are among those arrested. It’s feared they could spend their childhood in a prison cell. Release International is calling on Eritrea to free the Christians and has launched a campaign calling for concerted prayer for Eritrea’s prisoners of faith.

Security forces in Eritrea have been going house-to-house arresting Christians. They have rounded up 177 adults, along with some 20 small children. The arrests are continuing and many Christians have gone into hiding.

Release International partner Dr Berhane Asmelash says rounding up Christians door-to-door is a new tactic that signals a worsening of the crackdown. He believes the single-party state is taking a tough new line against the church.

‘People used to be arrested for conducting unauthorised meetings, such as Bible studies or prayers. But this is new for us when they go from house to house. They are arresting people for their beliefs, not for their actions. This is getting worse. Many Christians are in hiding.

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