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ICC Note:  Christians in the Middle East feel threaten and vulnerable to the persecution they constantly face as a result of their faith. Many Christians become victims of injustice when they are treated as second class citizens and do not even have the support of the authorities.

07/03/2017 Kenya (Christian Daily) – Protesters gathered around the embassy of Qatar in the United States to demand an end to terrorism and the killing of Christians in light of reports that the Qatari government provided sanctuary to jihadists.

On June 28, the National Black Church Initiative organized a protest outside the embassy of Qatar to speak out against the persecution of Christians in the Middle Eastern country. The protesters chanted “stop killing Christians” and “stop terror.” At the same time, they also condemned the nation for reportedly coddling members of the al-Qaeda, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas and allowing them to put up offices in the country, Breitbart detailed.

NBCI president Rev. Anthony Evans said Qatar must stop the mistreatment and religious intolerance against Christians. He said they will not keep quiet on the plight of their Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East and will keep on protesting against the abuse of anyone.

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