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There has been an increase in the number of girls from Nigeria being taken or tricked into prostitution in Europe. Many of the girls flee Nigeria in search of a better life in Europe and then end up being taken into the sex slave trade because they need the money for their families still in Nigeria. The International Organization for Migration estimates that out of 37,000 Nigerian immigrants to Europe, 8,000 will be women who will end up in prostitution. Most of these girls come from Benin City in southern Nigeria, which is a Christian Majority area.

01/07/2017 Nigeria (VoiceofAmerica) – Police and aid groups say more than 60 percent of illegal prostitutes in Belgium are trafficked from Nigeria. Many are only teenagers and almost all come from Benin City, a city in the south of Nigeria.

Rosa was sexually exploited by Nigerian traffickers and had to prostitute herself on the streets of Spain, Norway, France and Belgium. But Belgian police saved her after two years.

“The police took me and asked me question if I want to talk. If I talk they are going to make a better way for me. They will give me document, I say yes because the stress is too much,” she said.

Rosa – not her real name – was struggling in Nigeria, making ends meet for herself and her daughter. She was told she could marry a man in Europe. After crossing Morocco and reaching Spain by boat, she was told to repay a $55,000 debt and forced into prostitution.


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