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Refugees from Nigeria fled to Cameroon for safety from Boko Haram, famine, and civil unrest. They have not found the respite that they were looking for however. As Cameroonian Soldiers find these refugees, they transport them back to Banki, Nigeria, an area overwhelmed by terrorist activity and is in the middle of a major food crisis.


06/29/2017 Nigeria (TheWashingtonPost) – The soldiers arrived in the middle of the night, tearing through the village of Nigerian refugees, barging into stick huts where families slept in knots on the floor.

For years, those refugees had been on the run from Boko Haram insurgents, finally escaping across a dried riverbed that served as the border with Cameroon. They had settled in the village of Majina, where they farmed beans and millet. “A peaceful place,” the men said. And then, in March, the Cameroonian soldiers arrived.

The troops rounded up the refugees haphazardly and pushed them into military trucks, often separating parents from their children, according to witnesses. The refugees soon realized where they were headed: back to one of the most dangerous corners of Nigeria. Today, they are living in a displacement camp in Banki, a city racked by one of the world’s biggest hunger crises.



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