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Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Liu Xiaobo, was arrested and charged with “inciting subversion of power” in 2008 in China. Liu is an advocate for human rights and religious freedom in China, and he was given an 11-year sentence with two years’ deprivation of political rights. In late May, Liu was diagnosed with liver cancer after the prison continually denied him adequate medical treatment. It wasn’t until this past Monday that he was released on medical parole. Liu and his wife sought permission to travel to the United States for him to receive the necessary medical attention from cancer experts, but they were repeatedly denied because Liu refused to plead guilty to his charges.

06/29/2017 China (China Aid) – ChinaAid calls for the full, immediate, and unconditional release of Chinese writer, democracy advocate, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo in order to honor his wish to seek medical treatment abroad.

Liu’s lawyers and doctors confirmed on Monday that he had been

permitted medical parole for his stage four liver cancer and is receiving treatment in China’s northeastern Liaoning province. After the prison extensively denied him adequate medical attention, Liu received his diagnosis on May 23.

As a result of his illness, Liu has requested to travel abroad and consult prominent specialists in the United States.

Last year, Shang Baojun, one of Liu’s lawyers, told Radio Free Asia that his client’s medical condition qualified him for medical parole, which China grants to patients whose illnesses have become critical. However, China demanded that Liu first confess his guilt, which he refused to do. Now, Liu’s wife Liu Xia says that his cancer is terminal, making it critical that he receive emergency medical attention from world-renowned specialists and providing only a narrow window of time through which to secure his freedom.

Today, the Chinese Communist Party released a propaganda video purporting to show Liu Xiaobo performing various activities, including exercising and visiting the doctor. In it, he repeatedly says the detention center is taking good care of his health. However, his current condition testifies that this is simply a ruse to cover up the government’s abuses and that he was coerced into making such claims.

Additionally, they said that he would not be allowed to travel abroad for treatment.


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