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It was getting dark and Rosalind Ogehee’s husband had not returned from working on his farm. What she discovered when she went looking for him was his gruesome death. As she alerted the village, people came out in mass protest against the inaction of the government who has failed to protect them from continual Fulani Militia attacks. Daily incursions on their farms by the Fulani has made living nearly impossible as crops are destroyed and herdsman allow their animals to graze freely. Farmers are afraid to go back to their fields in fear that they will be attacked. These mostly Christian farmers won’t be silent any longer, as their livelihoods and, more importantly, their lives are at risk.

06/27/2017 Nigeria (Sahara Reporters) – Suspected herdsmen have hacked to death, at a settlement in Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo State, a 64-year-old man, Linus Ogehee.

Ogehee, a farmer from Ebonyi State, was found dead by his wife on Sunday with deep cuts and bullet wounds inflicted by herdsmen suspected to be Fulani.

The gruesome death triggered protests as angry villagers and youths, including school children, came out to express their outrage at the murder of the poor farmer.

They demanded an immediate investigation and the arrest of the culprits responsible for the cold-blooded murder, which took place in Oleyo in Igbatoro area.

The protesters, armed with placards and tree branches, called on the secutiry agencies in Ondo State to save their villages from the incessant invasions by herdsmen.



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