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A Christian group is holding a week-long prayer service for the good health and success of President John Magufuli and Tanzania’s prosperity. Those participating will include bishops from America and invitations to those from all different religions. This congress of prayer is an attempt to unite the people of Tanzania, spiritually and to promote peace, tranquility, and become law-abiding citizens.

06/26/2017 Africa (All Africa) – A Christian religious entity is organizing a seven-day prayer congress focused on President John Magufuli’s good health and success in his leadership, for Tanzania’s prosperity. Bishop Joseph Molla of Joyful Church Tanzania announced here that the event would be held at Shia Majengo in Moshi Municipality.

Participants would include bishops from America, he said, adding that an invitation was open to people of all creeds. The cleric called upon members of the public to cooperate with the president and his team, to ensure that, ultimately, Tanzanians enjoyed the fruits of independence and the abundant natural resources that God had bestowed upon the country.

Bishop Molla expressed dismay over the illogical trend by some people to criticize almost every decision and action that the national leadership took, including the ones that they had themselves advocated previously.

Urging all the people to coalesce into one solid force, to defend the country and its resources, he lashed out at those who faulted the government on presumably wrong decisions, but didn’t float alternatives they deemed appropriate.


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