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After Chinese officials demolished the Shuangmiao Church in Shangqiu, Henan and arrested five church leaders on June 8th, church members attempted to build a temporary structure to meet but government workers stopped them. Furthermore, a church member reported that officials took away the church’s electricity meter. While the church leaders had been held in a detention center for over a month, they have officially been arrested under the charges of “picking quarrels and provoking troubles.”

06/25/2017 China (China Aid) – After a month-long detention in China’s central Henan province, authorities officially arrested five church leaders on June 8. Additionally, after demolishing the church building, officials cut off power in the Christians’ new meeting place.

Four leaders of Shuangmiao Church in Shangqiu, Henan were arrested during the demolition of their in-construction church building on May 5. The four were Huang Xiangju, Zhao Wenjing, Guo Chungai, and Lü Yuexia. Additionally, a pastor from a neighboring church, Zhang Di, was arrested with the other four, after he helped with the construction.

An anonymous member of Shuangmiao Church spoke to the reporter on June 17, and revealed that the church members had attempted to gather after the demolition but were forbidden to do so. Using wood, they tried to construct a temporary meeting place in front of the original church, but officials prevented the meetings.


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