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In China, authorities armed with a search warrant raided the home of an arrested pastor, Chen Shixin. The officers demanded the pastor’s wife, Wang Hong, take them to his room. They took pictures of the house and confiscated important items, including documents proving the church had contracted its land. Chen was arrested on May 12 under false charges of “intentionally sabotaging public and private property.” He is currently waiting for authorities to decide whether they will prosecute him or not.

06/24/2017 China (China Aid– The local government in China’s eastern Anhui province dispatched more than 10 officers to the home of an incarcerated church pastor on June 14 and searched it, confiscating important materials.

Wang Hong, the wife of Caili Church pastor Chen Shixin, told a ChinaAid reporter that group of more than 10 public security bureau agents showed up at her front door on June 14, armed with a search warrant, and demanded that she take them to her husband’s room. “They searched every corner of his office and took away the computer’s main console. They also thoroughly searched other rooms. I told them that I couldn’t find the key when they approached my closet, but they pried it open with special tools anyway. They took away the confiscated objects and gave us an inventory list.”

In addition, documents proving the church had contracted its land were confiscated.

Another Christian surnamed Gu alleged that the officials found and wanted to confiscate more than 10 Christian books but were hesitant to do so because confiscating religious items would require the presence of someone from the religious affairs bureau. He also said they photographed the house but reduced the number of pictures taken because the home did not double as a church.


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