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Coptic Christians supported the 2013 coup that established Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as president of Egypt because he promised to protect the Christian minority and bring an end to the prevalence of Islamic extremism. However, those hopes have been dashed. President al-Sisi has failed to protect Coptic Christians and Egyptians in general. In fact, his repressive regime has only made extremism a more viable option to express discontent. President al-Sisi was warned by the US embassy four days before the Minya bus attack of terrorist intentions and yet he still failed to upgrade security in the region. With the failure of the government and the rise of tensions in Egypt, Coptic Christians will continue to face attacks unless change is brought about.

06/23/2017 Egypt (Christian Today) – Egypt’s Coptic Christians are lamenting following the latest jihadist attack on their community, and are questioning the lack of government action to protect them.

The Ascension Day (May 26) attack on a bus of Coptic Christians in Minya killed 29, and it’s now known that the US embassy had four days prior already warned of a terrorist threat, according to World Watch Monitor.

‘How can it be that our security forces, after the warning from the US embassy, did nothing to intervene?’ said Father Bernaba Fawzy, priest of St George’s Church in the village of Nazlet Hanna. Seven of Fawzy’s church members were killed in the attack, and eight were injured.

He added: ‘This is very shameful. There must be protection for every human being in the land of Egypt, not just the Copts.’

The past six months have seen four major terror attacks against Coptic Christians in Egypt: a December bombing of a church in Cairo, two Palm Sunday bombings of Coptic churches in Tanta and Alexandria, and then the Minya shooting last month. Around 100 have been killed in the attacks. 

Another local resident, Girgis Nady, criticised the inaction following the national state of emergency that was declared following the Palm Sunday bombings.

‘There is just one reason for what happened,’ he said. ‘The failure of government officials.’

The Minya attack saw the bus of pilgrims en route to visit a monastery stopped by masked, armed jihadist militants.



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