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Officials from the Battle River School Division in Alberta, Canada have requested that Cornerstone Christian Academy refrain from teaching scriptures that may be considered “offensive.” In an effort to settle the issue and reach an agreement, the school and the school division have recently held a public forum. After seeking legal assistance on the matter, Cornerstone’s representatives sent a letter to the school board regarding their infringement on religious freedom and expression. The board responded by stating that they would maintain their position on the matter.

06/23/2017  Canada (CBN News) – Cornerstone Christian Academy in Alberta, Canada, is being told to stop teaching scriptures that may be considered “offensive.”

Battle River School Division (BRSD) chair, Lauri Skori, told Cornerstone’s chair, Deanna Margel, that “any scripture that could be considered offensive to particular individuals should not be read or studied in school.”

Skori said it would be inappropriate for the school to share “any teachings that denigrate or vilify someone’s sexual orientation.”
“We’re talking about freedom of religion, but we’re (also) talking about freedom of expression,” said Margel. “We need every single word there to challenge us, to call us to greater understanding. It’s just so important.”

On June 15, the school and the board met to further discuss the issue. The National Post reports that 50 Cornerstone representatives were present.
Skori accused Cornerstone of turning the “discussion into a public spectacle.”

She also said Cornerstone had “broken our trust” and was trying to “create controversy” by drawing attention to the issue.

“The actions of the Society have not only harmed our relationship, but have put our children, our staff, our school and our school division in harm’s way,” Skori said.

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