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In China, a group of Christians from Fengle Church were arrested and imprisoned for their refusal to sign a document proclaiming their involvement in an “evil cult.” The Chinese government has lumped together underground churches and evil cults. The government labels any group an, “evil cult” that is not under control of the government, which forces the Chinese people to look at Christian churches in China as an evil thing.

06/22/2017 China ( – A group of Protestant Christians were arrested in southern Guangdong. When they refused to sign a statement confessing participation in a “evil cult”, they were imprisoned.

Any group labelled “evil cult” is immediately outlawed. The expression suggests its religious practice hurt its followers and can spark violence against the group.

For quite a while, the government has been involved in a campaign against “underground churches and evil cults”, lumping together sects and religious communities.

Two years ago, two members of a sect called the Church of the Almighty God were executed for causing the death of a woman in Shandong. The sect was called “evil cult”.

For the government, the label can be used against any religious expression that is not under its control, and this can encourage ordinary Chinese to see religion as an “evil thing”.

The people accused in the aforementioned case of “evil cult” belong to the Fengle Church, a house Church in Jiangmen.

On 12 June, police came to the home of Ruan Haonan. Called Mengai (dream house), his house was used for prayer meetings.


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