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ICC Note:

This video shows the interview of 10-year-old Mina Habib who watched ISIS militants execute his father because he refused to recant his faith. Adel Habib and his son were on the bus caravan that was attacked in Minya province, Egypt in May. The caravan was traveling to a monastery to worship because many of the Christians have experienced great difficulty building churches in their home village. Before turning onto the monastery’s road, ISIS militants ambushed the caravan, removed the Christians from the bus, demanded that they convert to Islam, and then killed those who refused. Mina watched as his father refused to deny his faith and then as ISIS killed him. Mina is currently receiving counseling from a local church.     

06/21/2017 Egypt (Reuters) – This Egyptian boy’s father was killed for being a Christian. Mina Habib rarely leaves the house these days. He’s’ still recovering from seeing his father killed. ISIS militants killed ambushed a group of Christians who were traveling to a monastery in Egypt last month. Mina’s father, Adel, was among the dead.

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