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Somalia may be one of the most difficult places to be a Christian, according to some experts Somalia ranks 2nd only behind North Korea. Although conversion is legal, it is not socially accepted. Somalians suspected of converting to Christianity are beheaded. Christians aren’t the only ones suffering, Somalia scores lowest on marks for political rights and civil liberties. Additionally, Somalia is suffering from famine with about half of their livestock already dead. Despite the violence and persecution, Christians still have hope and determination.   

06/20/2017 Somalia (Christian Post) – With his head down and his hands between his knees, Abdullahi, leaned forward in the chair slowly recounting a heartrending story of how his wife and children had been stolen from him.
The moment – what he described as the most “heartbreaking” in his life – came at the hands of Somalia’s close-knit clan structure. Abdullahi and his wife Hani have been married many years and though they have four children of their own, they have adopted five more. With nine children aged thirteen to two their life was full and happy. That is until almost twelve months ago when Hani’s family learned that she and the children had decided to follow Abdullahi’s Christian faith. Hani’s family arrived and in dramatic fashion literally stole away Hani and the nine children and for almost a year have virtually excluded them from all outside contact. A dark cloud of pain was evident as Abdullahi shared the raw reality of separation, a father barred from the lives of his own children, and of returning each night to dusty toys, a cold bed and an emptied home.
Yet with resolve in his voice Abdullahi looked across the room and said, “This is my prayer, ‘Lord will you give me joy? I am trying to be the light and the salt. And when those who know what has happened to me, how my family has been stolen away, ask, how can he have joy, I will be able to share with them about Jesus.'”






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