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It’s been a month since Islamic State terrorists attacked a bus on the way to a monastery killing Christian men, women and children, however the Christian community in Minya is still trying to recover. The attack has left its mark on the community, for children like Mina Habib a 10 year old boy who saw his father killed in front of him, they no longer leave their home out of fear of another attack. President Sisi had promised to increase security in the region but security, the government and the army are negligent. Christians feel the state has failed to protect them and thus can only rely on protection from God.       

06/20/2017 Egypt (Reuters)– Egyptian schoolboy Mina Habib rarely leaves his house these days. The 10-year-old is still recovering from seeing Islamist gunmen kill his father for being Christian.

In an attack claimed by Islamic State, gunmen ambushed a group of Coptic Christians traveling to a monastery in Minya in southern Egypt last month, killing 29 and wounding 24, with Mina’s father Adel among the dead.

A month later, residents of Dayr Jarnous, a Christian village that was home to seven of those killed, say the government is not providing proper security and has done nothing to help the victims’ families.

Mina is receiving therapy at a local church, in the absence of any treatment from the government. His brother Marco, 14, who also escaped the attack, visits a monastery to read the bible as a form of therapy.

Still shaken, village residents fear they are exposed if there is another attack and want President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to keep his promise to protect Christians. There was no extra security in the village, with only a police point out in the desert where the attack took place.




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