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ICC Note:

This month, it was reported that Christians in China were arrested and forced to sign documents confessing to their involvement in “evil cult” activities. This charge was brought against these Christians for their involvement in their church. The churchgoers endured harsh interrogation. In one instance, when a member of the Fengle Church refused to confess to his participation in the cult, officials detained him and transferred him to a detention center, broke into his home, kidnapped his wife, and finally coerced him into signing the document the following day.

06/19/2017 China (China Aid) – Incarcerated Christians endured harsh interrogations in China’s southern Guangdong province this week, during which officials ordered them to confess that they had participated in an “evil cult,” a charge often levied against Christians for their church activities.

On June 12, authorities stalked Ruan Haonan, a member of Fengle Church who hosts Christian gatherings in his home, and dragged him to the police station. There, they questioned him and tried to force him to confess to participating in cult activities. When he refused, they officially detained him and transferred him to a detention center.

In addition, officials coerced him into signing a transcript of the interrogation on June 13.

At around 4 p.m. on June 12, officials broke into and searched Ruan’s home, which Fengle Church members also know as Mengai House. According to a man surnamed Li, who pastors Fengle Church, no one was meeting at the time of the break in, but the authorities ransacked the house and confiscated several Bibles.

Later that night, Ruan’s pregnant wife, Luo Caiyan, was taken from their home. She was released when her husband was moved to the detention center, but the police refused to give her family members any legal documents.


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