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ICC Note:

Since coming to power in 2014, the BJP-led government in India has witnessed increasing levels of religious intolerance and persecution of religious minorities, including Christians. Much of the increased violence is perpetrated by Hindu radicals seeking to make India a Hindu nation. Later this month, India’s Prime Minister Modi is set to meet with U.S. President Trump. It is hoped by many that the plight of religious minorities and the outright persecution of Christians is discussed during that meeting. 

06/16/2017 India (Mission Network News) – India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced he will be meeting with United States President Donald Trump later this month to discuss bilateral relations. While that doesn’t necessarily include religious freedom, it will hopefully shed some light on the uptick in pressure on Christians.

According to Open Doors USA, radical Hinduism is the main source of persecution in India, and Christian converts are often physically assaulted if they don’t return to their old beliefs. Joe Handley with Asian Access confirms reports that the situation of Christians has worsened in recent years.

“Churches are feeling pressured out of their places that they weren’t pressured before,” Handley says. “They pretty much have freedom in certain sectors or areas of the city, but now you’re finding pressure put on them by the business owners, that maybe they rent a facility and are [experiencing] skyrocketing rent all of a sudden; no parking, limited time zones that they can serve, and then in certain areas of the country you have outright persecution.”

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