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A retired Nigerian Bishop stated that the level of poverty in his country was unacceptable. He accuses the government of mismanagement. This mismanagement has left people in poverty which is unnecessary given the bountiful resources of the country. Furthermore poverty has left the country divided allowing violence from groups like Fulani Militia. Nigerians are divided, hungry, angry and unemployed because of the greed of politicians.

06/15/2017 Nigeria (Daily Post) Former President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Anthony Cardinal Okogie, has lamented the state of the economy.

The former Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, in a statement titled, ‘Deprivation and Agitation: A Reflection on Nigeria’s Late 2017 Budget,’ decried the living conditions of Nigerians.
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Okogie said, “Some people do not want to hear of restructuring. However, for how long shall we fail to see the urgent need for far-reaching constitutional reforms in this country? The current arrangement is not serving Nigerians. The relationship between the government and the citizens places the citizen at gross disadvantage and the politicians at an undue advantage.

“Our young people are the worst hit. They are unemployed, hungry and angry. They are venting their anger on one another while we, their elders, are silent. Could it be that some of us, their elders, are stoking the embers of violent disintegration?”

The retired bishop stated that the level of poverty in the country was not acceptable.

He charged Nigerians to question those who managed the resources of the country.

“To say that the quality of life of the average Nigerian is low is to state the obvious. Whether one talks of education, medical service delivery, security or the economy, every aspect of our life in this country is in downward motion. The extent of poverty experienced by our people is simply unacceptable.




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