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Former US Commandos formed  a Christian humanitarian organization called Free Burma Rangers that help Iraqi civilians flee from ISIS-held areas. On one occasion, David Eubank, head of the Free Burma Rangers, recalls how God intervened to help the rangers rescue an Iraqi girl and two other civilians pinned down by ISIS gunfire. Despite the destruction and massacres ISIS has carried out on the region, God is at work in the Middle East.

06/15/2017 Iraq (Christian Post) – This former U.S. commando has seen the horrors of war many times up close as he and his men continue to pursue their Christian mission of providing assistance to the victims of war in Iraq.

Documenting his group’s latest rescue mission on Instagram, David Eubank recalled in vivid details an incident in Iraq where he witnessed God’s intervention that allowed him and a group of Iraqi soldiers to rescue an Iraqi girl and two other survivors of a massacre perpetrated by Islamic State (ISIS) militants. Eubank heads the Free Burma Rangers, a Christian humanitarian organization helping Iraqi civilians flee from ISIS-held areas.

“ISIS fire was intense as we approached the huddled group of three survivors,” Eubank wrote in an Instagram post, CBN News reported.

He said it happened on June 1 when he and his Free Burma Rangers received a call for help from an Iraqi unit that was fighting ISIS on the frontlines west of Mosul, Iraq.

They immediately sprang into action. “We got there and a guy came crying, crying, he said, ‘My daughter was shot in front of me, her head was blown off,'” Eubank said.

He said what he saw was horrific: At least 50 bodies on the ground, people trying to flee who were massacred by ISIS militants. 




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