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Five Christian women, including a nun and a minor, were detained by police in India’s Madhya Pradesh state after being falsely accused of forceful religious conversions by Hindu radicals. The women were released after giving their statements to police and proving that they were in fact Christians and were traveling to Bhopal for English studies. This incident comes weeks after police arrested 10 Christians and detained over 70 children under similar charges lodged by local Hindu radicals. False accusations of crimes, especially forced conversions to Christianity, are often used by Hindu radicals to harass Christians and Christian leaders. 

06/14/2017 India (Hindustan Times) – The government railway police (GRP) on Tuesday briefly detained five women including a nun and a minor girl at Satna railway station on suspicion that they were being taken from Jharkhand to Bhopal for religious conversion before deciding to release them.

The GRP decided to release the five detainees later in the night after the statements of the five detained women were recorded before the SDM Satna.

SR Bagri, GRP station house officer Satna told HT on phone that in their statements three adult women told SDM that they were Christians and were going to Bhopal for studying without anybody forcing them.

“In case of the minor girl, we called her parents in Jharkhand and they told us that they had sent her for the studies. So now we have decided to release them. They will be released anytime now,” he said.

Bagri said earlier they had planned to send a team to Jharkhand, but after statements were recorded and they spoke to the parents, it was decided there was no need to send a team to Jharkhand.

Earlier in the day, Bagri told HT that Bajrang Dal activists gave them the input that five women including a nun were travelling to Bhopal in the Shipra Express for alleged conversion of the four women.

“Following the input, we searched the train and detained five women, including a minor and a nun. When we questioned the women, they said they were going to Bhopal for studies. When we questioned the nun, she said the women were being taken to Bhopal for English coaching,” he said.

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