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In the midst of escalating and intense persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt, an Egyptian delegation will meet White House officials this week to discuss terrorism, President as-Sisi’s crackdown on civil society, and US concerns over human right violations in Egypt. Experts believe that this visit is a part of a broader Egyptian strategy to defend its crackdown and improve the government’s image while gaining financial support for its anti-terrorism efforts.   

2017-06-14 Egypt (PR Newswire) – An Egyptian delegation composed of twelve Members of Parliament affiliated with five Parliamentary Committees is visiting Washington, DC this week to meet with White House officials, Members of Congress, and other policy experts in an attempt to alleviate concerns over the massive crackdown on civil society in Egypt amidst its battle against terrorism.

This high-level lobbying effort, coordinated by Egypt’s Foreign Ministry, is part of a broader effort to gain financial support under the guise of its anti-terrorism initiatives and to convince US officials that this vast crackdown on civil liberties is a necessary price to pay. Egypt’s brutal Internal Security has reportedly hired D.C. firms to improve the government’s image and the delegation trip is likely part of this comprehensive strategy.



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