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In addition to being targeted by local ISIS extremists, Ramadan for Christians in Egypt has become increasingly violent. Most Egyptian Christians will only be subjected to the small acts of intolerance, like glaring looks from fasting Muslims or being provoked and intimidated at work by their Muslim colleagues. Ramadan is supposed to be a month in which Muslims do good deeds, however Muslim radicals during Ramadan 2015, twisted this to include terrorizing Christians. This has increased the bloodshed, in fact nearly 200 civilians have lost their lives during this year’s Ramadan.  

06/13/2017 Egypt (Christian Post) – To say that these days are not the best ones for Christians in Egypt is certainly an understatement.
Aside from being specifically targeted for killing by local Islamist extremists linked to the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group, Christians in Egypt are also feeling the heat from most Muslims at this time of the year when the Muslim world celebrates its fasting month of Ramadan, which began on May 26 and will end on June 24.

According to Open Doors USA, Ramadan is a challenging month for Christians in Egypt since the country’s predominant Muslim population tend to become stricter and less tolerant towards Christians at this time of the year.

A Christian living in Egypt would readily notice that the volume of loudspeakers in mosques calling on the public to pray is raised higher during Ramadan. A Christian would also notice the “glaring looks of fasting Muslims,” the Christian charity says.

During Ramadan, many Muslims read their Quran out loud, particularly those passages that speak about Christians and Jews—”those infidels”—going to hell, for Christians to hear.







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