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Marawi City in the Philippines has been under attack since May 23rd, headed up by an Islamic Extremist Group. It is estimated that there are 300 to 500 civilians still trapped inside the enemy lines. Those civilians are surviving on a small supply of rice, salt, sugar, and rainwater. Recently, a group of those civilians tried to escape. The terrorists killed five of them, and they were Christians. The Islamic militants captured eight of the other civilians and took them as hostages – two Muslims and six Christians. The latest update recorded: 26 civilians died in war, total people rescued has increased to 1,628, and total enemies killed is 202.

06/13/2017 The Philippines (Interaksyon) – War spares no one. In Marawi City, the fighting’s victims include residents –- both Muslims and Christians — who have become refugees in their own homeland.

Among them are about 300 to 500 civilians, who were trapped in the war between government troops and Maute and Abu Sayyaf extremists, which is now on its 22nd day.

Lt. Col. Jo-Ar Herrera, spokesperson of Joint Task Force Marawi, on Tuesday said 18 of these civilians were found by 15 terrorists hiding in a house in the city.

The civilians, who hid since day one of the war and survived on little supply of rice, salt, sugar, and rainwater, scampered to safety but the extremists fired at them indiscriminately.

Five of them — all Christians — were able to escape but another five died, who were also all Christians, according to Herrera of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ First Infantry Division.

“The ASG (Abu Sayyaf Group) knocked on the door where the 18 civilians were staying, prompting the civilians to run away, using the backdoor going to the river,” said Herrera.

“The terrorists ran after then and fired on them, killing five of the civilians…,” he added.

The other eight civilians – two Muslims, and six Christians — remained trapped within the enemy’s area and were “taken as hostages,” according to Herrera.


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