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A Pakistani journalist who covers the plight of religious minorities in Pakistan was recently hit by a car after his house in Lahore was vandalized. Rana Tanveer, chief reporter for The Express Tribune, was hit by a car last Friday days after being threatened with severe consequences for his coverage of Pakistan’s Ahmadi community. It is most likely extremists in Pakistan targeted Tanveer, according to local reports. Religious minorities in Pakistan, including Christians, suffer both widespread discrimination and, at times, outright persecution because of their religious identity. 

06/12/2017 Pakistan (Hindustan Times) – A Pakistani journalist who wrote extensively on the plight of the country’s religious minorities was hit by a car in Lahore.

Rana Tanveer, chief reporter of The Express Tribune, was hit by an unidentified vehicle on Friday, with the accident occurring days after his house was vandalized and he was warned of dire consequences for writing about the Ahmadi community in Pakistan.

Tanveer underwent surgery for a fracture in his pelvic bone on Saturday. His recovery may take months and he has expressed fears for his safety as well as that of his family.

Last week, when he and his family returned to their home in Lahore, they found their house vandalised, with graffiti threatening him. He had moved to his current home one and a half years ago so that his daughter could attend a local school. Three months ago, his landlord began receiving calls from an unknown number advising him to evict Tanveer.

After the vandalism, Rana went to the police to report the threat but his complaint was not formally registered. On Friday, coming back from a meeting of the Punjab Union of Journalists where the attack on his home had been condemned by all present, Rana Tanveer was riding his motorcycle when a car came and hit him from the back.

Tanveer says that his work on exposing the poor treatment meted out to the country’s religious minorities like the Ahmadis and the Christians has made him a target of extremists.

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